Bar, Bloom and Billet Heating Systems

Inductotherm high-power density induction systems provide mill operators with the most efficient and cost-effective technology for bringing bars, blooms and billets to optimum temperature prior to a forming, rolling or forging operation.

Inductotherm Coating Equipment

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Bar, Bloom and Billet Heating Systems use high-efficiency, electro-magnetically shunted heating coils which are supplied with electrical energy by high-efficiency, solid-state power units. Before a bar, bloom or billet moves from the continuous caster to the rolling mill, it must be reheated. Our systems provide the rolling mill with a continuous supply of uniformly heated billets, bars and blooms at the proper temperature which is crucial to efficient mill operations. Inductotherm induction heating systems offer:

  • Temperature equalization for continuously cast billets
  • Temperature control and consistency
  • Modular design for quick coil change to accommodate for different sizes
  • Level control to centralize all bar sizes in coil opening
  • High-efficiency, solid-state power units
  • Fully automated, PLC controlled material handling systems
  • Available in frequencies between 60 and 10,000 hertz

Tech Specs

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