Paint curing systems

The newly developed solvent-based paints on steel strip for commercial and industrial applications require long curing times to guarantee the polymerization of the paint products.

Inductotherm Coating Equipment

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Paint Curing Systems require low maintenance with no wear parts to be periodically replaced. The design of our induction coils permits access to the processing chamber for inspection and removal of solvent deposits or other by-products of the curing process.  Inductotherm induction heating systems utilizing high-frequency inverters are able to:

  • Achieve long curing times (several seconds) at maximum line speed
  • Target customized temperature profile from entry to exit of the induction section

Tech Specs


  • Up to 8 sec curing time
  • Contact Inductotherm for Custom Solutions

Standard Features

  • Long Coil
  • Flexible Design ; Vertical / horizontal
  • Easy Maintenance

Factory Tested

  • Critical Components