Pre-Melting Pots

Pre-Melting Pots are available in both channel and coreless versions. These may be used for alloying including Alu-Zinc alloys. Pre-Melting Pots help to minimize the dross that can otherwise build-up in the main coating pot.


Inductotherm Coating Equipment

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Pre-Melting Pots are primarily used to replenish the main coating pot. These are important with a channel-type coating pot installation because the clog-causing dross created during the melting of ingots occurs in the pre-melt pot and not during the coating process. This allows for:

  • Minimized wear or clogging of the channel during operation
  • Minimized temperature variations in the main pot usually caused by ingot insertion
  • Better quality product and less dross accumulation in the coating pot

Launder options are available for transferring molten metal at the proper temperature from a Pre-Melting Pot to the main Coating Pot and offer the following benefits:

  • Minimize oxidation of the alloy
  • Can be heated by either gas burners or an electrical system mounted to the optional insulated launder cover
  • Are available as either overflow (angled) or flooded (level)

Tech Specs

CapacitiesStandard FeaturesOptional FeaturesFactory Tested
Contact Inductotherm for Custom SolutionsAir-Cooled Twin Loop Inductors up to 500 KilowattsOpen Gas Heated LaundersCritical Components
Water-Cooled Twin Loop Inductors up to 750 KilowattsCovered Gas and Electric Heated Launders
Hybrid Water and Air-cooled Inductors up to 500 KilowattsCharging Covers
Coreless Type