Uniseal for Silicon Steel

Booster for silicon steel

Booster for silicon steel : Ultra rapid heating of electrical steel (GO and NGO) increases the productivity of the annealing line and also improves the steel properties.


Inductotherm Coating Equipment

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The UNISEAL® booster for silicon steel are perfect for achieving the highest heating rate under the most challenging working conditions within any silicon steel cold rolling mills. Heating with up to 100 % hydrogen content can be attained.

To resist such difficult working conditions, Inductotherm has developed the most advanced sealing system. This patented system ensures the longevity of the inductor with accurate and safe control of the gas tightness.

This design combines the best refractory material and one or two flexible gas tight sleeves. The inductor is placed on the top of those layers, protected from high temperature without any sealing issues. It allows:

  • to obtain very high heating rates
  • to withstand to very high ambient temperature (annealing furnace ambient temperature) up to 900…1000°C
  • to heat under hydrogen atmosphere and to control continuously the tightness of the inductor.

Tech Specs

CapacitiesStandard Features Factory Tested
Up to 6,000 KilowattsPatented design to work under hydrogen atmosphereCritical Components
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